Candidate Smart Matching Ecosystem

Candidate Smart Matching Ecosystem

IntoWork has developed a truly unique and innovative Candidate Smart Matching Ecosystem that will assist all companies and customers in achieving goals to support businesses and deliver innovation in the recruitment and employment sectors. By adopting this model, IntoWork and our inter related companies positions us in the unique realm of saving time, effort and money. Customers should reasonable expect to save time in receiving candidates, also ensuring they get the right person that will fit their requirements and at a reasonable cost reduction when compared to their current supplier. Implementing and utilising the candidate-sourcing model is the largest component of the Hub and Spoke Employment Ecosystem and highlights some of the hidden advantages that the IntoWork group of companies has yet to capitalise on.

The uniqueness of this model is not evident from the surface until we peel away the layers and uncover the different types of companies that we have in the Group who can contribute not only to the success of their own businesses but also help expand the IntoWork offerings by simply pooling resumes. Having this centralised repository of resumes will place IntoWork in the top echelon of employment companies in a very short space of time. The rationale why this succeeds is that we have both multiple internal and external inputs and outputs. We have a number of Registered Training Organisations (RTO) and Group Training Organisations (GTO) which are classed as our internal inputs plus having a well-developed marketing campaigns that generate leads to our websites. Internal inputs are comprised of well-trained future employees from the RTOs and GTOs who have completed their training and can then be moved to external outputs attending to the recruitment and labour hire sides of our businesses.

Working in a collective group manner, we deliver better outcomes for our customers and candidates and offering a collective unique proposition for all in our strategically superior built environment. This will equate to faster employment outcomes, better employee fit with customer organisations. The evidence is clear as all other companies work individually such as a branch operation model like our competitors, each branch is setup as its own entirety to operate and succeed. IntoWork Employment will be completely different whereas it is the whole group that will need to succeed for each person to be successful and rewarded on the Group’s success and not an individual office thus making us a truly outward looking focused organisation rather than the current business practices of ourselves and our competitors focusing on our branch model to benefit the individual not the whole of our customers and candidates winning.

Resourcing the Candidate Smart Matching Ecosystem

The IntoWork marketing team comprises of highly qualified staff that deliver marketing and communications initiatives across Australia with the resolute goal of funnelling potential candidates through our unique candidate sourcing system. The marketing team includes graphic designers, copywriters, marketing and events specialists plus online, social media and digital strategists. The IntoWork marketing team has the skills and abilities to execute all aspects of delivering continuous inflows keeping the funnelling of candidates moving through our system.

The IntoWork marketing services include design, printing, production, script and copy writing, proofing, mass media production and media placement in radio, print and television, marketing and advertising strategies, social media plans and implementation, branding and website development. A full service marketing department helps us develop and implement a complete marketing strategy—identifying milestones and timelines, tasks, activities, audience, channels (communication), evaluation reporting and analysis.

Leveraging off a marketing spend of over $2 million dollars per year, IntoWork gains access to a large pool of potential candidates that are otherwise not available to single streams of sourcing. IntoWork Employment will utilise all marketing channels to provide sources of resumes for our Candidate Smart Matching Ecosystem to search and discover all available potential candidates that are looking for their next full time permanent or casual position.
With this model, the marketing team can oversee all marketing activities in the most cost-effective way and delivering what is required to succeed and deliver the best service to our customers. The breadth of brands supported by the marketing department increases the number of stakeholders and relationships built as well as the ability to leverage off other business marketing tools, such as newsletters, email marketing, websites, expos and many other marketing channels.

Responsiveness of job matching

The IntoWork Employment Candidate Smart Matching System is a very powerful tool at our disposal to which has been purely designed to help our recruitment teams better match our customers and candidates requirements. One of the biggest mistakes from recruiters is forgetting the candidate and their requirements for a job role. This has proven to be one of the biggest reasons for staff turnover for a casual on-hired workforce. The smart matching tool provides a career path value and expands on both the candidate and employers’ view on which candidate would make a good fit.