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Currently, the biggest challenge for business is not merely competing for clients; one of the biggest challenges today is talent acquisition and how to retain and engage a talented permanent and casualised workforce.


To succeed, we need to become the partner of your choice who understands your business needs. What makes CTC different from our competitors is that this strategy makes us unique. Understanding how we partner and executing the unique model for each off our customers will allow CTC to formulate a talent strategy that will produce measurable results to move the partnership forward for both businesses.

A tailored program

This tailored workforce program will be scalable and flexible enough to succeed in any environment, allowing our customers to concentrate on winning new business, knowing that no matter what happens, CTC will be in a position to manage their workforce, thus providing our partner the support they need—every step of the way.

Employment options

CTC offers a broad range of options; from sourcing and placing permanent staff to an integrated flexible workforce that meets your business needs.

The outsourcing methodology means that our customers can choose which part of the recruitment process they would like to outsource. They decide which part of the recruitment process that they would like to control and which parts need expert help from CTC.

The benefits of a casualised workforce

Using a casualised workforce makes sense for many businesses experiencing rapid growth, managing peaks and troughs in business cycles, trying strategic initiatives prior to committing to investment or full-scale production, and seeking new markets.

Casual workers can deliver immediate expertise without the lag effect of training. The result of bolstering your workforce is flexibility, with immediate increased capability to meet your particular business needs.

A casualised workforce will continue to evolve as new generations change the way they want to be engaged by employers. With new generations wanting more flexible working arrangements, the notion of the casual workforce being a ‘stopgap’ has changed forever.

Opportunities for forward-thinking businesses

Businesses can expect a surge in workforce disruption as new generations seek employment conditions on their terms. This brings opportunities for forward-thinking businesses, such as immediate access to a skilled and well-educated workforce that will enable building of capacity, integrating long-term talent hiring and supplementing their on-hired casual workforce.

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