Reference checks

At CTC, we continue to pursue and implement the best in recruitment strategies, including the advancement of reference-checking systems and our ability to collect trusted, unbiased data. Rather than a reliance on unverifiable word-of-mouth hearsay, we are adopting tactics to collect accurate, digitized evidence of hardworking, reliable, and proven candidates.

Part of this method involves the updating of our fraud-detecting abilities for all our reference checks.

New research has found that:

  • 71% of candidates exploit flaws in the reference check process
  • 42% used deliberately deceptive methods to obtain a job
  • 23% actively encouraged a referee to lie

Where phone-based interviews are prone to both bias and misuse, we value our ability to track and verify online submissions as an essential part of our recruitment process.

We are able to authenticate the user and remove any interviewer-to-interviewee bias that could occur. In keeping our reference checks uniform, consistent, and also legally binding, CTC is able to collect the necessary data while ensuring we’re compliant with Australia’s labour and anti-discriminatory laws. It allows us to accurately and completely collect, record, and track our thorough reference investigations.

This also allows us to increase efficiency in the hiring process. In creating and updating our database of references, we are able to identify those with “immediate hire” potential. This allows us to quickly find and place the right candidates for your business.

As your recruitment agency of choice, CTC wants you to trust and understand that we work very hard to ensure you are getting the best people available – and that they have the references to back it up. Beyond being a good fit for your company, we take great lengths to ensure our candidates are as reliable as their submitted CVs might suggest.