CTC protects their workers and supports the community

The Morning Bulletin featured CTC General Manager Darryl Lapworth in an interview this morning, discussing recent claims against the labour hire industry in Queensland. While it is shocking to hear of the conditions labour hire workers have had to endure, Lapworth hopes this will not impact the reputation of other companies in the region who support and protect their workers, such as CTC.

“We focus on giving back to the community which is reflected in the way we treat our labour hire employees… CTC has a long list of labour hire contacts and connections within the industry which shows that we follow an ethical recruitment model and look after our employees.”

CTC offers “regular weekly payments, monthly superannuation entitlements, casual loading including sick leave and public holidays, pay as per award, Enterprise Bargaining Agreement or above for correct wages.”

Read the full article on The Morning Bulletin, or apply for work with CTC.